Yogurt with cucumber


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•2 tablespoons of ghee ( margarine is recommended).
•1kg of chopped lamb meat into medium cubes.
•3 cups of Egyptian rice.
•6 cups of prepared truffles (1.5 kg)
•1 teaspoon of various condiments.
For Decoration: •Toasted nuts to taste.



•Wash truffles, soak them and then rub them with a rough brush to clean them from sand completely.
•Mince truffles into small cubes and measure the required quantity, the recipe needs 6 cups.
•Melt the margarine on a medium heat then add meat and flip it on high heat until it absorbs all its soup.
•Add truffles and flip them with meat for 10 minutes approximately then spice them with spices.
•Immerse meat and truffles with water and leave them until boiling then reduce the heat and cover the pot and leave them until the meat becomes

well cooked, you can use the pressure cooker to reduce the required time to make the meat cooked.
•Wash rice and soak it with water and salt for an hour.
•Filter the truffles and meat from soup, filter rice from water then add it to meat and truffles and then flip gently.
•Measure the amount of soup and then add to each cup of rice a 1 1/4 or a 1 1/2 cup of soup depending on the rice type.
•Immerse truffles and rice with boiled soup and leave them until they boil again then reduce the heat and cover the pot for 20-30 minutes or until

the soup become dry and the rice seeds become mature and be mushy.
•Leave rice covered in the pot for 10 minutes then pour the rice in the serving plate and decorate it with nuts. Serve this plate with salads or